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James Peterson - Breaking Free Apr 29, 2019 12:30 PM
breakingFree - Living a mentally healthy lifestyle

James Peterson is the founder and CEO of breakingFree

breakingFree is an innovative mental health charity that educates and encourages people to live mentally healthy lifestyles, in order to prevent mental illness and improve mental health.  We focus on teaching people how to make mentally healthy choices, how to form mentally healthy habits and to how to develop a mentally healthy mindset; as well as breaking down the stigma often attached to mental illness and encouraging people to seek help early.

At breakingFree our primary activity is giving mental health presentations and running mental health programs at schools, universities and businesses, aimed at teaching people how to be more mentally healthy.  In essence, we are an educational platform, whose objective is to provide people with the knowledge, tools, techniques, ongoing resources and motivation, so that they can improve their mental health and happiness.  We strongly believe that prevention, by teaching people how to be mentally healthy, is the best approach to reducing the rates of mental illness within society.    

breakingFree is starting a movement by educating and encouraging people to base decisions and their lifestyle around what is best for their mental health.

Charles Brauer - St. Joseph's College GT Apr 29, 2019 12:30 PM
Eddie's Van
Ralph Praeger - Sunnybank Rotary Club May 13, 2019 12:30 PM
RC Sunnybank Projects in Samoa

Rotary Sunnybank has a 10 plus year history of service projects in the Pacific – Munda Hospital in the Solomons, 2 trips rebuilding  Nuku Nuku school in Tonga  and last year rebuilding 3 classrooms in Samoa.  The typical project takes a year to arrange and relies on donations from builders and suppliers along with the time put in by members.  For Tonga we loaded school tables and chairs only to find out this was the first  time many children has sat at a table for school work.  Every trip is rewarding even for the unskilled and includes some downtime for sightseeing and a few beers.  We are still seeking a $30,000 international grant to re- roof the Samoan school and use the roof water  for the school toilets  - at the moment they are drop toilets with a large drum and bowl to flush and wash your hands 

Professor Alex Haslam - UQ May 15, 2019 6:00 PM
Groups for Health

Evening meeting at the United Service Club