This is one of an occasional series of "Clubrunner Corner" articles, and this time I am writing about the power of the Facebook Share.
Besides being the perfect medium for cat videos, keeping up with the grandchildren and political invective, your Facebook profile page has a great power to drive eyeballs to the Rotary Club of Brisbane website, publicise our activities and attract new members.
If you click on a story link in the bulletin or choose "show more"at the bottom of a story on the RCoB home page, you will often see a social media share bar at the bottom. If you then click on the "F" symbol, you will automatically share the story on your own Facebook page. This will put a link to the story and a photograph into the FB feeds of all your Facebook friends, and if one of them clicks on that item, they will be taken to the RCoB website.
Just by sharing the story about the Peace Fellow Seminar, I managed to increase our website traffic on that day by 10 views or 30%.
Try this out today by clicking on this link to the 95th Anniversary Celebrations Story and then sharing to your Facebook or LinkedIn profile!