Graeme Whitmore chaired the meeting and began with Rotary Grace and Toasts to the Queen and Rotary International.
President Daniel welcomed members.
Apologies – James Delahunty, Don O'Donoghue, Max Winders, Dan Adler
Pres Daniel advised the Club had a number of things to celebrate.
  1. The first was a presentation to Mark Williams, our newest Paul Harris Fellow.
  2. The second one is the February President's bottle of wine award and it shall go to a person we hardly saw in February. Some of us do their work quietly and in the background. Even more, when they are not around things tend to start idling. Michael, this is a special way to tell you "Welcome back!"
  3. Rick Temaske, congratulations for being nominated for the D9600 2018/19 Polio Plus Committee.
  4. Keith, congratulations on the hopefully first of a series of annual Rotary Club of Brisbane International Women's Day Breakfasts. A total turnout of 41 is a very good achievement.
  5. And congratulations to the Club:
  • We got a media representative to the IWD event and we expect to see some coverage in this weeks New Farm Village News magazine.
  • We implemented the Ideas Factory with QUT Business School on the 03rd. 23 people in five groups showed up. Keith Watts, Georgina Bishop, Luke Marshall and myself took part. We had some great insights and I plan showing the results from their work a little bit each week. Meanwhile, I will continue working with Dr John Bensley, to further utilise the findings for our Club but more information on that shall come later.
President Daniel pins the PHF badge on Mark Williams
Two news items from the District:
  1. Rotaract Rivercity is planning their Professional Development Workshop Evening for Wednesday, 2 May 2018. Please, sign-up on the circulated sheet with your name, e-mail and phone if you would like to contribute in person towards the Rotaractors' Professional Development.
  2. Tree Planting as per the RI President call for each Rotarian to plant a tree. We have two choices - District Tree Planting and Cluster Tree Planting, or both. I will distribute a form online to sign up in.
Today we have Luke Marshall as our Member in the spot-light. A quick reminder from the previous one, Dan Adler: "$1,000 will go towards the Club for each referral to next Thursday."
Luke Marshall on form and In The Spotlight
  1. Denise reminded everybody that on 14 May the police Commissioner Ian Stewart will be making an important presentation to the club at the UWC
  2. Keith advised that the women's day breakfast produced a surplus of $391 and there were two very informative guest speakers.
  3. Mark Williams reminded members of the importance of doing and notifying make-ups if one cannot attend a meeting. The desired attendance for each club member was 60%. Currently the club is only achieving 55%, which is too low. A valid make up involves attending club meeting of another Rotary Club, attending any RCoB or district event or working bee or a committee or board meeting among other things. Members are asked to advise the reception desk of make-ups or simply send an email to Mark.
Luke Marshall gave a presentation on his company, KDM Financial and Estate Planning. This company was born out of the insurance business and evolved into financial and estate planning. Luke made a proposal to members who wished to leave a legacy to the club in their Will, could do so through his company at mates rates. Luke outlined his background which included time in the Navy as a medic, time in Perth where he acquired two investment properties, investing in the share market but buffeted by the GFC, becoming a paramedic and then studying financial planning prior to joining AMP in 2014 and then joining his practice. This was an informative talk by Luke.
With no Sergeant and the raffle was won by Michael Stephens.  As there was no pack of cards, Michael will draw his card next week.
The president closed the meeting.