Chair for the day was PP Chris Muir who led the membership in Rotary grace and toasts.
First item for the meeting was President Daniel's address. Daniel noted apologies from James Delahunty and Robyn Burridge and welcomed guest Sanjeev Pandey who is having a look at the RCoB. Full text of Daniel's address is shown above.
At the end of his address, Pres Daniel had the pleasang duty of inducting new member Jaqui De Lacy. Welcome Jaqui and we hope your time with Rotary will be fun and fulfilling!
President Daniel Presents new Rotarian Jaqui De Lacy with her Rotary Welcome Pack
Denise kicked off spots with the worrying news that Rotarian Don O'Donoghue is back in hospital and was not well at all when Denise last spoke to him. Our thoughts are with you , Don, and we all hope that your condition will improve so that we can see you again soon.
Denise also reminded members of the luncheon meeting with Police commissioner Ian Stewart on 14th May. Please RSVP to Denise if you are attending to make sure you get in before it sells out.
Secretary Michael reminded members that the RSVP date for the RCoB Golf Day is coming up soon and appealed for members to register soon. Details HERE.
PE Chris Muir spoke to members about hs recent trip to the waters off Arnhem Land. The trip was great, but the level of plastic pollution was very alarming.
After a short time for fellowship, we were treated to another in the occasional series of "Member in the Spotlight".  This time it was Rotarian Denise Schellbach who took the stage. Denise told us about her life as a court reporter, mother, foster mother, philanthropist and boarding house owner. There were inspiring anecdotes such as the time Denise and her family dropped everything and backpacked around the world. This was a bold move that many of us were thinking we should do or should have done, but it takes a decisive person to actually do it. There were also a couple of hilarious anecdotes including a replay of the kind of conversation that could ensue as a result of the fact that people only had to get one digit wrong when dialing a well-known brothel to have the phone answered by Denise at her boarding house. On reflection, the conversations that could have resulted from someone trying to call the boarding house and getting one digit wrong could have been just as funny but are most likely unrecorded except by the special branch.
Member in the Spotlight, Denise Schellbach.
Following Denise's presentation, Sergeant-at-arms Luke collected a few dollars from the assembled plublic before the drawing of the raffle. Peter Ryan was the holder of the ticket drawn, but like the last 40 holders, he could not get the joker. The Raffle jackpot has now exceeded $1200.
President Daniel closed the meeting at 1:40pm.