Wal Bishop chaired the meeting and began with Rotary Grace and Toasts to the Queen and Rotary International.
President Chris was an apology along with Jaqui De Lacey and Warren Walker.
Keith Watts welcomed the 15 members and 2 guest speakers Stuart Mason and Rae Smart. Keith noted that
  • A big thank you to Mark for hosting Friday night barbecue
  • The World Polio Day dinner is on Wednesday, 24 October at the Pine Rivers club at a cost of $35 where Tony Pilkington is one of the speakers
  • Many thanks to Cameron for organising the drought appeal and members were encouraged to give donations through the Rotary bank account
  • Next week would be a club assembly followed by a board meeting
  • Denise
    • This is mental health week and Wednesday, 10 October is Rotary Mental Health Day
    • Eddies Van will begin again soon and Denise will require helpers
    • The next social evening is Friday 9 November at USC 
  • Mark - an Italian scholar is looking to study at UQ and the deadline to arrange the Rotary application is 30 October. The student will need a counsellor. Gerald Holtman has offered to be the academic counsellor.
  • Daniel - the International Womens Day breakfast at USC is on 6 March and tickets are being now offered to members. It starts at 7 AM and there will be two speakers
Stuart and Rae gave a talk on the RAWCS project 111 of 2017-8 entitled End Hygiene Poverty. This project is built around the fact that
  • 2.4 billion people are without tapwater
  • One in nine people do not have clean water
  • 900 million children have no hygiene services in their school. For these children their is on average one tap for every 1000 children.
Stuart invented the SPATAP which is a simple silicone plastic product costing $10 that can be used to wash hands, brush teeth or shower. It goes together with a simple sunlight water purification system. It is essential to create a hand washing habit for good health. A 1.5 L water bottle using this system can wash 67 hands. It can be used to dispense saline solution as well.
Stuart and Rae with a SPATAP device attached to a 20-litre water container. Account for donations is on the screen.
The system roll out starts with PNG where the target is one SPATAP per class, which basically means 6000.
RAWCS has applied for an AusAid grant for this project in PNG but to achieve this they first need to raise donations in the order of $12,000 and so all assistance would be appreciated.
Graham Whitmore acted as Sgt and Cameron won the raffle. The Joker is still (unfortunately for Cameron) in the pack.
Keith closed the meeting.