Chair for the day was Rick Tamaschke who opened with the usual toasts and Rotary Grace. He also welcomed guest Paul Choy, back for his second meeting, and noted that an apology had been received from Keith Watts before asking President Chris to to the podium for the President's Message. Some details of the message can be found above.
  • PP Graeme Whitmore alerted members that district 9600 had joined up with the National Farmers' Federation and Channel 9 in an action to help provide relief for the drought in Western Qld and NSW.
  • IPP Daniel Vankov spoke to the need for us as members to help publicise Rotary Activities in the social media: "I believe it is time for us to have a more structured approach towards sharing what we are doing at the Club with the general audience. For example I share something on LinkedIn and there is no interaction from members. The excellent article about the 2018 Golf Day, written by Graeme Whitmore, got only one like after I shared it on our LinkedIn page and it was mine. I guess Phil has similar issues with Facebook. There is not much point in writing material and going through the effort of maintaining communication channels if we can't leverage them. It is not very hard for a person to contribute. It takes a click for our wonderful achievements to reach every member's audience and beyond. Of course, there is always the excuse that our feeds are overcrowded and not everything shows up. This is a valid point. For that reason I will distribute a direct link to the article cited above so we overcome that problem. Please, like, share and, if you feel braver, comment on it so that more interaction can be triggered! Your contribution will take you less than ½ minute but in a week I would be able to show quantitative data of what a difference it makes for everyone at RCoB to work together in putting what the Club does in front of as large audience as possible."
After a break for lunch and fellowship, we were ready for the main event - Member in the Spotlight. Rotarian Ryan Muller treated us to a high-energy narrative about his life so far. We all thought he was a mild-mannered accountant, but actually he has played against Sean Pollock and almost played against Jonty Rhodes (in hockey), has jumped off tall buildings without a parachute and has a black belt in karate. Do Merrotts know what they actually have stalking their cubicle jungle?
Ryan Muller, Member in the Spotlight.
Jillanne held the teaser ticket in the raffle, but was still not able to find the Joker. The jackpot accrues.
There being no time for sergeant, all were enjoined to impoverish themselves to the bronze bowls anyway, and President Chris closed the meeting at 13:50 with the singing of the national anthem.