Chair for the day was Tony Pilkington, who opened the meeting with grace and toasts before inviting President Chris to the podium to welcome guests and deliver his weekly address.
President Chris reported that he had received apologies from Jillanne Myers, Jaqui De Lacy, Phil Little and James Delahunty and hoped that Jillanne, Jaqui and James would be up and about at the earliest possible date so that we could see them again. Chris also welcomed Katrina Roetteler whose application for membership has already been approved by the board.
Business for the day was a series of spots by members who had attended the District conference on the previous weekend. Dan Adler, Chris Muir, Dympna Muir and Keith Watts all spoke about their impressions of how the conference went. Over the 3 days, 7 members and soon-to-be members attended the conference, and all were impressed by the quality of the events and the presentations. Some photographs from the conference are shared below.
PN Dan Adler with Rotarians Andrias Okun from RC Nondugl and Benjamin Kaukia from RC Kimbe in PNG
Topics covered ranged from modern slavery to moving with the times. Many Rotary programmes had booths in the exhibition.
Dan Adler also reported on a very successful vocational evening held by the Rotaract Club of Brisbane Rivercity on Wed. 20th March at which he and Rtn Luke Marshall served on the team of advisors.
Dan Adler at the Rotaract Brisbane Rivercity vocational evening.
Sergeant Pilko of the 3rd armoured pocket-reaming corps did his job well and much dosh was transferred from members' pockets to the club coffers. The raffle was drawn and the joker deemed AWOL. The raffle duly jackpots to next week.