Chair for the day was Ryan Muller, who opened the meeting with grace and toasts before inviting President Chris Muir to the podium to welcome guests and deliver his weekly address.
President Chris warmly greeted a large contingent of guests, including Suri Portra, Edwina Sullivan, Colleen Middlemas, Matt Christopher, Paul Gades and Mark Scanlan and his report is reproduced in full above.
Club Assembly:
  • PN Dan Adler reported that he had been working closely with DGE Darryl Iseppi on logos and publicity for Darryl's transition to the role of DG on 30th June.
  • PP Graeme Whitmore reported on initial publicity for the annual golf day and proposed that the surplus from the golf day be donated to Youngcare who provide appropriate accommodation for disabled people who would otherwise be accommodated in aged care centres.
  • Graeme also proposed to members that a project in conjunction with Youngcare would be a very suitable major project to coincide with RoCB's 100th anniversary in 2023. The kind of project he had in mind was to build an accommodation facility on purchased or donated land that would be operated afterwards by Youngcare. Graeme went into some detail of the feasibility of the project based on his expertise as a quantity surveyor. The proposal was met with some enthusiasm from members present and it was referred to the club board for further discussion and due diligence.
  • Sec Mark Williams urged members and guests to seriously consider attending the district conference on March 22-24 and the annual Peace Fellows' seminar on Saturday 13th April.
  • Mark also gave a brief summary of finances on behalf of Treasurer Warren Walker who was unable to attend the club assembly.
  • PP Keith as membership chair reported that the club currently had 35 members of whom 5 were women. Likely new members include Mark Scanlan, Katrina Roetteler and Michael Roetteler all of whom had submitted applications to the board and Celia Grenning, Matt Christopher and Colleen Middlemas who have told us they intend to apply.
  • Ryan Muller gave a brief report on foundation activities which currently mostly centre on our sponsorship of two RI Peace Fellows. There is also a pending application for a global scholarship from Dr Nicolò Di Tullio who wants to study in Brisbane which is currently pending.
There being no time for a sergeant's session, members were asked to contribute to the urns and we went straight to the drawing of the raffle. Chris Muir had the winning raffle ticket, but the joker eluded him so the raffle jackpots again.