Jacqi Page chaired the meeting and began with Rotary Grace and Toasts to the Queen and Rotary International.
President Daniel welcomed members, Bruce McNaught, Mark Simpson from South Australia and the guest speaker, Jayani Amarasinghe, who prepared the RCoB Strategic Plan
Apologies – Stan Francis, Don O'Donoghue, Mark Williams, Rick Tamaschke,
District changeover - At the Rotary District 9600 Changeover our Club received the Alan Ward Memorial Shield (for outstanding activities in vocational service) and the Herrington Shield (for best club bulletin). The Rotary Club of Brisbane was the only Club to get two #awards at the event, where PDG John Lane reported his achievements and passed the collar to DG Wendy Protheroe.
Daniel is preparing for his annual report. This will include 25 guest speakers, 6 Members in the spotlight and 12 bottles of wine awards. The Club reality check contained 8 items in the red and 17 in the green. Overall this was an improvement but not an amazing result.
Graham Whitmore advised the golf day on 15 June had 62 players and raised $8000. There was a round of applause for Graeme and Michael.
Jayani Amarasinghe presented a video presentation and then answered questions on the RCoB Strategic Plan. Our club has an ageing and dwindling membership. The challenge is to attract and retain a diverse membership in terms of background, classifications, age and gender. Surveys showed a range of views about the Club but not one common theme that was easy to address. The plan itself was circulated to the entire membership through a link in an email date 30 May 2018 from Danial. (If you missed it, go and get the email and download it in PDF format). Both Daniel and Chris thanked Jayani for all her hard work.
There was no Sergeant. The raffle was won by Jilliane Myers. The Joker is still in the pack.
The President closed the meeting.