Chair for the day was Cameron Gibson, and after Rotary Grace and toasts, he invited President Daniel to the podium to deliver the President's Message, which is shown in full above.
Following the President's message, we experienced a key event in the life of the club - the induction of new Rotarian Robyn Burridge. Robyn has lived a pretty interesting life so far and brings a wealth of experience to the club. We hope her Rotary career will be long, happy and successful.
President Daniel Presents Rotarian Robyn Burridge with her Rotary pin and induction package.

After a short break for fellowship and lunch, it was time for spots:

  • Graeme Whitmore announced that the date and venue for this year's RCoB Golf day had been chosen, and Virginia Golf Course has won the right to host this year's event on the 15th of June. A Prize sponsor has already been secured, and more sponsorship is on the way. This is one of our major fundraisers for the year and members are urged to enter their teams as soon as possible.
  • Keith Watts informed members that he will be absent from Brisbane for six weeks starting from just before the next meeting on 26th March. In his absence Phil Gresham has agreed to carry on the duties of membership chair. Many thanks to Phil for taking on this job while Keith is swanning around Europe.
  • Mark Williams appealed to members for more bulletin and website stories. The world is sick of his prose and he misses too much. The Rotary Club has been doing story-worthy things at the rate of about one a fortnight recently and we hide our light under a bushel. A "story" can be as little as 100-200 words and a picture about something the Rotary Club of Brisbane has been doing or something one of our Rotarians has been doing in the community. Members may also have noticed that when they click on the "read more" link at the bottom of the story intro in their bulletin, they are taken to the web version of the story. In Many cases there is a blue "F" at the bottom of the story. If you click on the blue "F" then the story is automatically shared on your Facebook page. Generating publicity for the Rotary Club of Brisbane is that easy!
  • Mark Williams also informed members that the UQ Rotary Peace Centre will be holding a Peace Seminar at The Women's College, UQ on Saturday 24th March from 11am-5pm. Rotary Peace Fellows will be reporting on their Master's work and field study projects. The event is at the top of the upcoming events section above, and members and friends can RSVP at the link which will reveal itself if they click on the link.
  • Denise Schellbach reminded members about the special lunch meeting on Monday 14th May at which Police Commissioner Ian Stewart will be the guest speaker. The meeting will be held at the United Services Club rather than the Brisbane Club, but will nevertheless count as meeting attendance rather than as a makeup. Commissioner Stewart gave us a very interesting and informative presentation last year, and this year he will speak about the upcoming Commonwealth Games from a policing perspective. Many people from other clubs and the community at large will be present, so it is also important that we as a club attend in force to show the flag.
Following spots, it was time for what we had all been waiting for: Member in the spotlight Tony Pilkington.
Tony regaled us with some choice anecdotes, including how he lost his first two jobs in radio (after a short stint with an SP bookie) by offending first Malcom Fraser and then Al Grassby. That he lived to tell the tale end even got a third job is a testament to something. Had the Brisbane Club provided aisles, we would have been rolling in them.
There being no sergeant, we proceeded directly to the drawing of the raffle. This week, two people tried to find the joker, but neither succeeded. The jackpot is now worth more than your editor's car (but less than a service for it.)
President Daniel closed the meeting right on time at 13:45.