I apologize to members for the lateness and paucity of content in this Bulletin. Since skipping out on the presentations at the Golf Day (What a great day by the way! Thanks so Much PP Graeme and Secretary Michael for putting it on!) to catch the plane for Shanghai, I have found my life to be pretty full. To date I have taken part in 2 seminars, 7 business meetings, 2 hotpots, 2 ducks, half a bottle of Maotai, not to mention several engagements of a more social nature and meals of a less aggressive nature along with associated preparations and recovery periods. It's now 4:30pm on a Sunday and I am off in a little while to the next meeting and the next duck by the looks. This is no doubt good for business but bad for health and bad for bulletins.
At any rate, here are the President's message and the minutes ably supplied by Daniel and Clive. My thanks to both of them for providing so much content for the bulletin throughout the year.
I Look forward to see you all again early in July.