Posted by Mark WILLIAMS
Dear Readers,
This is the Easter edition of the RCoB Bulletin, so your editor wishes you a safe and refreshing Easter break whether you are enjoying a family lollapalooza or a quiet chill-out away from the madding crowd.
You also may have noticed that the club website ( has taken on a new look. This is because the display of the home page has migrated to the Clubrunner platform. In effect we have relinquished some control over the aesthetic look and feel of the website in order to take advantage of the ease of displaying content such as the club event calendar, speaker lists, club stories and the like across multiple web representations and the bulletins whilst only having to edit them in one place. The website is also integrated with an event manager, committee and volunteer management app, member profile management system, club communication system and a club membership development system which will give us the ability to create event booking websites with e-commerce integration, project sign-on sheets and committee sections in the site if we so choose. The bulletin has already been assembled and broadcast using Clubrunner for several weeks now and this week for the first time I will be trying out the functionality to send subtly different bulletins to members and friends and to people who have inquired about club membership.
We will be bringing club content across from the previous Wordpress website such as our club history and archived bulletins, and you will notice that some of the links point to generic Rotary content that we will be customised for the Rotary Club of Brisbane over time. Like all websites, it is a work in progress. Help from more members is welcomed!
If you look up in the top right-hand corner of the website, you will see a link called "Member Login". Accounts have been created for all members and I will be shortly sending each member a username and instructions about how to "get on".  When you are logged in, you can edit your profile details, which (except for date of birth which is not shared with anyone outside the club) will also be reflected in your Rotary International database profile after a short time. You can also access "members-only" pages and files (when we have some) and write stories and articles for the website or the bulletin.
Many thanks to Phil Gresham for his support and help in this transition.