Dear Fellow Rotarians of the RCoB,
I don't normally write messages in the bulletin, but this issue is a little different from past issues, so I thought some explanation might be in order.
This issue is prepared on a trial version of the Clubrunner application. If it works, out preparing bulletins this way offers a number of benefits:
  • While the platform does not offer quite as many bells and whistles as the platform I have been using to date, it still has more than I can use effectively. On this score, I declare parity.
  • This platform is less cantankerous than what I have been using, and ity seems it cuts down bulletin editing time by up to half. Furthermore, it requires considerably less IT expertise to use than the system I have been using to date.
  • This solution offers simultaneous publishing by email and on the web. No more laborious uploading of bulletins to the web.
  • I am hoping that the size of the emails that hit your inbox will shrink appreciably.
As always, however, the customer is always right. Bulletins still need to display adequately across many platforms - more than I can test by myself. Please let me know if you have any problems reading this bulletin, because this feedback is vital to coming the correct decision as to whether we should continue with the clubrunner platform.