IHBI - QUT’s Health & Medical Research Institute
Dec 09, 2019 12:30 PM
Professor Lyn Griffiths
IHBI - QUT’s Health & Medical Research Institute

Professor Lyn Griffiths is Executive Director of the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI), QUT’s health and medical research institute. As the head of IHBI, Prof. Griffiths leads a significant research team and sees it as her mission to inspire the next generation of Australian researchers to make the most of funding opportunities to improve human health.

An active and respected molecular geneticist with more than 28 years’ experience, Prof Griffiths has brought business acumen to medical research to increase IHBI’s influence and its impact on human health. She is a passionate advocate for translational research and believes it’s time for Australia to capitalise on its reputation for worldclass biomedical research by unlocking its enormous commercial potential. In relation to this, she currently is Director of the nationwide and industry supported Bridge and BridgeTech programs, which provide commercialisation training for the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, respectively.

Prof Griffiths’ own genetics research has led to diagnostic breakthroughs for several neurogenetic disorders, including familial migraine, ataxia, epilepsy and hereditary stroke. Her research has identified potential therapeutic targets and she has been involved in clinical trials for migraine, MS and Alzheimer’s disease. Her research has appeared in more than 350 peer-reviewed international journals, including Nature, the American Journal of Human Genetics, and Nature Neurology.