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Rotary Club of Brisbane Golf Day
Virginia Golf Course
Jun 15, 2018
7:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Rotary International Convention 2018
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
RCoB Rostered Day for Donations in Kind
Donations in Kind Warehouse
Jun 23, 2018
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Club Changeover Meeting
Brisbane Club
Jun 25, 2018
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Burnett Cup - City vs Country in Mundubbera
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Aug 18, 2018
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Meeting Roster

11 June 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    R Muller Minutes                M Williams
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

18 June 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    J Page Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

25 June 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                   T Pilkington 
Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

2 July 2018

President             C Muir
Chair                   P Ryan 
Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon
Upcoming Speakers
Jun 11, 2018 12:30 PM
Jun 18, 2018
Rotary Strategic Planning
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President's Message
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Dear Fellow Rotarians & Friends of the Club,
Being back to our regular meetings at the Brisbane Club we enjoyed a well-crafted presentation from Brendan Cox, CEO of Legacy Brisbane. It was great to see how the Australian community is able to pull together enough resource on its own to fill a gap of much needed care.
Impossible to ignore Sergeant-at-Arms Luke Marshall fiercely fined attending members with the promise to fine further for the benefit of Legacy. Luke stands by his promise and will be putting his body through hell for the cause so, please, support him here! With such an immediate effect on the audience, there was nothing left for our Chair for the day, President-Elect Chris Muir, but to present Brendan with a well-deserved memento in recognition of our appreciation.
During that very meeting we had the pleasure to welcome David Bark, CEO of Tattersall's Club, and Peter Keane, Past President of Legacy, as our guests. They visited us in the right moment to learn how last week the Rotary Club of Brisbane became 95-years-young. I got reminded at the meeting that I did not share the photos with everyone. You can find Phil's, Mark's, Bo's and my photos here. I am very proud that we have benefited from some media attention, too. The event got into ABC Radio Brisbane and the Courier Mail which is a great add-on to our media presence this year. If we had to pay to a radio station for that coverage, it would have costs us almost $4,000. Printouts of the newspaper article and of the radio report were distributed at the tables.
Keeping those achievements in mind we sent away another busy and successful month for the Club underpinned by 311 volunteer hours reported by members in May. Denise reported her hours after the meeting so if you were present and have heard 231 there is nothing wrong with your hearing. It is just that the number was subsequently updated. Thank you everyone who contributed!
To get the word out on our achievements a task force of members is working towards developing a social media campaign for the Club. Dan Adler is leading the effort and will be updating us on the progress in the following meetings.
Given our successful RYLA participation this year the Club offers members another opportunity in the same direction: RYPEN which stands for Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment. RYPEN was first developed in Australia in 1980. It is a weekend long leadership camp held yearly for 14-17 year olds and supported by district 9600 Rotary Clubs. RYPEN aims to provide young people with the opportunity to develop their potential and self-esteem, provide experiences that will assist them to form their own values and moral standards, and to broaden their cultural, social and academic horizons.
The program will push students to develop their leadership skills so that they can excel in their field. The program this year will be held from 10th to 12th of August 2018 at Luther Heights Camp, Coolum. More information was available at the tables during the meeting and was distributed to members via e-mail. So if you have grandchildren/children/nephews in the age range 14 to 17 you may consider putting their names up for the Board to review for the opportunity. The next Board meeting is on the 18th of June so do not delay.
It is still not too late to get involved in the Club 2018 Golf Day on June 15th. You don't necessarily have to be a good golfer to play and if you don't want to play a donation will be equally appreciated. Spreading the word amongst your network is one more way to support Graeme's efforts. Please, do so!
Next week, on the 11th of June, we are set to hear from Phillippa Lazenby, Scientist, Donation & Recovery, Qld Tissue Banks, PA Hospital. I look forward to hearing the talk and I hope you are, too. See you next Monday!
President Daniel
Meeting Notes - 4th June, 2018
Chair for the day was President-elect Chris Muir, who began the meeting with the Rotary grace and usual toasts before inviting President Daniel to give his welcoming address to members, details of which can be found above.
After the welcome address, chair Chris called for spots:
  • PP Graeme Whitmore reminded members of the RCoB Charity Golf Day being held on Friday 15th June at the Virginia Golf Club, noting that there was stil space for both players and sponsors.
  • Denise Schellbach reported that she had attended the Rotary Ball “Lift the Lid” held by Rotary Club of Brisbane Mid-City in aid of mental health initiatives and reported that it had been a good evening.
  • The washup from the Police Commissioner’s luncheon was a nett profit of $1600, and Denise asks that the club donate the proceeds to Australian Rotary Health.
  • Denise also reported that she had been in touch with Don O’Donoghue who is somewhat on the mend but still far from well. Our thoughts go out to Don.
  • Dan Adler informed members that a “crack team” of members would be meeting at Next Thursday to start to nut out a plan to put some weight behind a potential Facebook ad in line with the recently-developed strategic plan.
  • Chris Muir reported that an enjoyable dinner had been had at the United Services Club to welcome President-Elect of sister club the Rotary Club of Kobe East who had been in town to help us celebrate out 95th anniversary in the Queen Street Mall.
Chair Chris Muir presents Legacy CEO Brendan Cox with a certificate of appreciation.
After a few minutes for fellowship, Chair Chris introduced our guest speaker for the day, Brendan Cox, CEO of Legacy Queensland. Brendan gave us a comprehensive introduction to the activities of Legacy in SE and central Queensland. Members were impressed to hear that Legacy in SE and central Queensland has 300 legatees who look after 7500 widows and families, 78 young families, 216 youth related to servicepeople and 45 families through the family assist programme that helps families of returned servicepeople who are having trouble adjusting to life on return. Legacy is almost unique in the world in that it is a non-government organisation totally focussed on looking after the families of servicepeople.
How can we help Legacy?
The raffle was drawn in favour of Graeme Whitmore, but he was unable to duplicate his feat of last year, and the joker is still at large.
President Daniel closed the meeting with the singing of the national anthem at 1345.
ROMAC Activities

This week the bulletin is highlighting some of the activities of ROMAC - Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children

ROMAC Doctor Snapshot

Dr John Harvey is a paediatric surgeon at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and at Nepean Hospital in New South Wales. He specialises in burns treatment and is the head of Westmead’s Burns Unit, which cares for approximately 1200 children each year. He has a special interest in laser therapy for the management of burns scars and has played an instrumental role in introducing this as a treatment option for burns patients.
Dr Harvey became involved with ROMAC in 2004 when a 2-year-old girl with extensive burns was referred to the Burns Unit. A chance meeting with Phil Isaacs, long-time ROMAC supporter, led to funding for the child to have her burns successfully reconstructed.
In 2005, Dr Harvey co-founded the Burns Research Institute (CHBRI), a research arm of the Children’s Hospital Burns Unit focused on both clinical and laboratory-based burns research to improve treatment. His research work has assisted in pioneering the use of a new technique of Laser Doppler Imaging for predicting burns wound outcomes in children. His other research milestones include confirming cool running water as the optimal burns first aid and treatment in children, and determining the optimal time to graft a scald burn.
Dr Harvey continues to have a close relationship with ROMAC officers, who have been responsible for referring a number of children to the Children’s Hospital for burns treatment as well as facilitating visits overseas for the treatment of burns children in their own environment. For more about Dr Harvey and the wonderful work he does for ROMAC patients, read the story of Roberta from Fiji.

New Zealand Story

In October 2017, one-month-old Rosalia from Vanua Levu, Fiji, arrived at Christchurch Hospital for eye surgery. From birth, one of her eyes was slightly protruding and its condition worsened. Doctors feared it may be cancer and recommended immediate treatment at Christchurch Hospital because of the twinning arrangement which exists between Suva and Christchurch Hospitals.
On behalf of ROMAC, the Rotary Club of Cashmere very quickly accepted the responsibility of the care of Rosalia and her mother Veronika. Rotarians Murray and Dianne Pearce, walked to the hospital daily to support Veronika throughout the many appointments with specialists. Five surgeons operated for four hours, and although no cancer was found, her eye could not be saved. Within the month, Murray and Dianne put a very happy Veronika and her baby on a flight home to her husband and two sons.

In May 2018, Rosalia returned with her mother to have surgery to prepare her eye socket for a painted eye to be fitted. Rotarian support, medical treatment and accommodation in Ronald McDonald House at Christchurch Hospital were outstanding once again, providing Rosalia with everything she needed.

Australian Story

Mourine is a 14-year-old girl from the remote island of Vella Lavella in the Solomon Islands who was referred to ROMAC for a large, rapidly-growing mass on her neck.

Mourine and her mother Ekila arrived at Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick mid-January 2018. Her doctors diagnosed her mass as a benign Desmoid tumour, which grows in connective tissue. Initially, they thought they would surgically remove it, but then they decided to shrink it to a more manageable size with several rounds of chemotherapy, and perhaps radiotherapy. This meant Mourine had to stay longer in Australia so she was enrolled at the Sydney Children's Hospital School.

At first, Mourine was a very reluctant student because English was her second language and she had not been to school for 3 years due to the tumour and the destruction of her school in an earthquake. However, the dedicated teachers at the Hospital School quickly won her over and she soon became enthusiastic. Her grades in numeracy and English have steadily improved and she excels in art and music.

Mourine still has medical issues to resolve but she is now reconnected with her education which will brighten her future.

Source: ROMAC Newsletter

Nothing Succeeds as Planned

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