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Rotary Club of Brisbane Golf Day
Virginia Golf Course
Jun 15, 2018
7:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Rotary International Convention 2018
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
RCoB Rostered Day for Donations in Kind
Donations in Kind Warehouse
Jun 23, 2018
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Club Changeover Meeting
Brisbane Club
Jun 25, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Burnett Cup - City vs Country in Mundubbera
Mundubbera Golf Club
Aug 18, 2018
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18 June 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    J Page Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

25 June 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    J Page 
Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

2 July 2018

President             C Muir
Chair                   P Ryan 
Minutes               J De Lacy
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

16 July 2018

President             C Muir
Chair                   D Schellbach 
Minutes               M Williams
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

23 July 2018

President             C Muir
Chair                   J Smerdon
Minutes                J De Lacy
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon
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Jun 18, 2018
Rotary Strategic Planning
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President's Message
member photo
Dear Fellow Rotarians & Friends of the Club,
Our very own Wal Bishop has just been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia – a well-deserved recognition for his contributions towards the Australian society. Well done, Wal! I am really proud to serve in Rotary side-by-side with people like you, all in honour and for the common good!
Having Wal's great example before me I have to earn my right of calling myself his fellow Rotarian and I don't have much time left to do it so, please, help me out. We are two weeks away from the Club changeover meeting with two events before that:
  • On the 15th of June we will have our 2018 Charity Golf Day at Virginia Golf Club. Graeme still has some space available for a few teams or individual players. I have sent a reminder to my Brisbane contacts last week and I heard quite a few apologies. I hope some players were recruited through the exercise though. Nevertheless, playing is not the only way one can support Graeme and Michael through the Golf day. Donations, sponsorships and spreading the word are all welcome.
  • On the 18th of June we will be discussing our Club Strategy. Jayani will be presenting her work and will be answering questions. I will also welcome the QUT MBA Director, Prof Glen Murphy, as a guest. So let's prepare well and get into a meaningful discussion about our Club's future.
  • In preparation for our Strategy discussion I will compile our Club reality check for 2018. It will be the same questionnaire we completed about a year ago. It will be interesting to see if and where we have made progress. So, please, expect an invitation to spend 10 minutes on answering those questions. Members participation will be highly appreciated not only because the survey will be an evaluation of my year as a President but also because it will serve as a starting point in Chris's one. Let's all give him a hand in his future quest. Here is a quick reminder of the main activities we did during the year so far which shall help with answering some of the questions:
  • 30/07/2017: Stan Francis Testimonial Lunch (social activity, fundraiser, 56 guests)
  • 05/08/2017: Charity golf day held in Mundubbera (social activity, fundraiser for mental health, 4 Club reps, one media report)
  • 05/08/2017: Donations in Kind (DIK) working bee (service participation, 9 Club reps)
  • 07/08/2017: Mentoring young professionals through the QUT Mentor Scheme (vocational service, 3 Club reps)
  • 27/08/2017: Aunties and Uncles BBQ picnic (service participation, 4 Club reps)
  • 06/09/2017: Vocational visit to the CARRS-Q driving simulator (vocational service, social activity, 8 Club reps, article in Rotary Blog)
  • 14/09/2017: Rotary leadership seminar (vocational service, leadership development participation and networking 20 people, 9 Club reps)
  • 08/10/2017: District 9600 Annual General Meeting and the Rotary Foundation Seminar (participation in District activities, 5 Club reps)
  • 14/10/2017: Up Up Upper Mt. Gravatt paper plane competition (service participation, fundraising for PolioPlus, 7 Club reps)
  • 17/10/2017: "Navigating the changing Superannuation landscape" seminar (vocational service, 6 Club reps)
  • 17/10/2017: QUT career mentor scheme final event 2017 (vocational service, 2 Club reps)
  • 27/10/2017: A Low & Slow BBQ dinner at the Newstead Brewery in Milton (social activity, 20+ members, family and friends)
  • 07/11/2017: Melbourne Cup Trifecta (fundraiser)
  • 08/11/2017: "Murder on the Orient Express" Cinema outing (collaborate with other Rotary clubs, fundraising for PolioPlus, 21 Club reps)
  • 30/11/2017: The Club become a major donor of the Red Frogs, committing $50,000 for two years.
  • 15/12/2017: Christmas Party at Keith Watts' (social activity, 21 members and guests)
  • 07/01/2018: Family picnic at Roma St. Parklands (social activity, 14 members and family)
  • 26/01/2018: Australia Day at Keith Watts (social activity, 12 members and members)
  • 11/12/2017 - 31/01/2018: Eddie's Van (community project, service participation)
  • 01/02/2018: $5,000 donated to Rotary Club of Townsville for Kits for kids.
  • 01/03/2018: International Women's Day (41 attendees, Polio fundraiser, 1 media report, Community topic seminar, Collaboration with other Rotary Clubs)
  • 03/03/2018: QUT Ideas Factory (community forums, vocational service, 23 participants, 4 Rotarians, 2 facilitators) (4 members)
  • 04/03/2018: Clean-up Australia Day (Environmental project, service participation, 4 Club reps)
  • 19/03/2018: RI President Dinner (5 Club reps)
  • 24-25/03/2018: PETS (1 Club rep)
  • 22/04/2018: District 9600 Conference (2 Club reps)
  • 28/04/2018: District tree planting project (Environmental project, 6 Club reps)
  • 29/04/2018: James Delahunty Testimonial Lunch (social activity, fundraiser for DIK, 1 Media report, 134 guests)
  • 02/05/2018: Rotaract Rivercity Professional Development Workshop (vocational service, 2 Club reps)
  • 14/05/2018: Queensland Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, luncheon at the United Services Club (social event, fundraiser for Australian Rotary Health, over 90 Rotarians and guests)
  • 24/05/2018: QUT Student Leadership Awards (8 Club reps)
  • 27/05/2018: District 9600 Assembly (2 Club reps)
  • 28/05/2018: 95th anniversary at the Brisbane Queen Street Mall Stage (social activity, community cooperation with CARRS-Q and Salvation Army, 30+ members and guests, 3 media reports)
Besides those events some additional things have happened at the Club:
  • I have distributed (so far) 11 bottles of wine to recognise monthly members' contributions.
  • I have developed five project proposals seeking external funding. Unfortunately three were unsuccessful but I am still crossing fingers for the remaining two.
  • We have developed a 3-year Strategic Plan for the Club as an Integrated Workplace Project with QUT.
  • Mark Williams is mentoring a Rotary Peace Fellow.
  • We have enjoyed presentations from numerous guest speakers. and
  • We have sponsored two RYLA participants.
As a consequence we have qualified for Rotary International President's Citation. I apologise if I missed something but it is completely unintentional if I did. Let me know, please, if I should add something to the list.
Meanwhile we continue with our regular meetings. On the 11th of June we heard from Phillippa Lazenby of Queensland Tissue Banks. She did a very informative talk despite being a bit stressed. I am sure that the smooth chairing of the day from Ryan Muller helped a lot to ease the situation and he presented her with a well-deserved memento in our appreciation.
A District reminder that the District changeover will be this coming Sunday.
I hope to see you all on the 18th for a Strategic chat.
President Daniel
Meeting Notes - June 11 2018
Ryan Muller chaired the meeting and began with Rotary Grace and Toasts to the Queen and Rotary International. An additional Toast was made to congratulate Wal Bishop in being awarded  a Member (AM) in the General Division for significant service to the community, particularly business, in the Queen's Birthday honours list announced this morning - well done Wal.
President Daniel welcomed members and the guest speaker: Phillippa Lazenby, Queensland Tissue Banks, an arm of Donate Life Queensland.
Apologies – Stan Francis, Don O'Donoghue, Robyn Burridge, Denise Schellbach, Rick Tamaschke, Phil Gresham
We are two weeks away from the Club changeover meeting with two events before that:
  • On the 15th of June we will have our 2018 Charity Golf Day at Virginia Golf Club.
  • On the 18th of June we will be discussing our Club Strategy. Jayani will be presenting her work and will be answering questions. I will also welcome the QUT MBA Director, Prof. Glen Murphy, as a guest. So, let's prepare well and get into a meaningful discussion.
In preparation for our Strategy discussion I will compile our Club reality check for 2018. It will be the same questionnaire we completed a year ago and it will be interesting to see if and where we made a progress. So, please, expect an invitation to spend 10 minutes on answering those questions. Members participation will be highly appreciated not only because the survey will be an evaluation of my year as a President but also because it will serve as a starting point in Chris's year.
A reminder that the District changeover will be this coming Sunday.  Could members also please put it in their diaries that we are rostered at DIK on 23 June.
  1. Jackie advised that the James Delahanty testimonial has raised $11856.38.
  2. Graham Whitmore reminded members of the golf day on 15 June where 65+ players have so far registered, but they want 90.
  3. Keith Watt advised that on Thursday night next there would be a fireside chat about Rotary for new members. He was also looking for a rotary volunteer to host the next fireside chat.
Phillippa Lazenby spoke on the Queensland Tissue Bank, which is an arm of Donate Life Queensland. There was an eye bank, a bone and skin bank, and a heartvalve bank.
Phillippa was involved in the process from the beginning right through to transplantation.
Guest Speaker Phillippa Lazenby receives a certificate of appreciation from chair Ryan Muller
Rotarians were reminded that organ donation is no longer recorded on the back of your driver’s licence and that you must register for this online through the organ donor registry.
Donate life covers an area of south-east Queensland from Gympie to Toowoomba to the New South Wales border.
The main sources of material were from hospital deaths, referrals from the coroner and family notifications. Action has to be taken within 24 hours.
Skin and bone can be kept for five years and corneas for seven days, which will soon increase to 30 days. The age limit is less than 90 for most materials and less than 6o for heart valves.
There was no Sergeant. The raffle was won by Jaqui De Lacy. The Joker is still in the pack.
The President closed the meeting.
Assisting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

By Eric Lee, a member of the Rotary Club of Cheat Lake, West Virginia, USA

Service above self was the underpinning theme of our aid project for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh this year. The project was a colorful example of how Rotary works around the globe in the service of others. Clubs from the United States and Bangladesh delivered dry goods to Rohingya refugees in the Bahlukali camp along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border in February.

Eric Lee and his wife hand out supplies to refugee children in Bangladesh.

The Rohingya are an ethnic minority who fled violence in Myanmar for refugee camps in southern Bangladesh. More than 700,000 refugees have entered Bangladesh since August 2017, and most came with just the clothes on their back. They are in desperate need of food, supplies and basic sanitation.

Left: Refugees wait in line for supplies.

Cox’s Bazaar is the closest city to the Rohingya refugee camps, and the Rotary Club of Cox’s Bazaar engages other clubs and various non-profits to facilitate the delivery of goods and services. The Rotary Club of Cheat Lake in West Virginia, USA, coordinated efforts with Cox’s Bazaar Rotary to deliver clothing, personal hygiene products, and water purification tablets to the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Challenges like transferring goods, security on the ground, and obtaining proper authorization were managed between the two Rotary clubs. The goods were purchased and shipped from wholesale markets from the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Once the products arrived in Cox’s Bazaar, then our group worked in a small bungalow on the Bay of Bengal preparing separate packages for men and women.

Maji, or tribal captains, are village leaders that manage groups of about fifty families. They were instrumental in helping coordinate with the army and determine fair distribution across thousands of refugees. Many refugees were shaking as they came through the line to receive their package. Some were sick, some were visibly scared.

Distribution went off without a hitch, in part, because members from multiple Rotary clubs made a significant contribution to the project. Together they established resources and logistics for the safe and successful distribution of aid. Rotary clubs around the world should look to examples like this for ideas on future refugee service projects.

Read about other ways Rotary is helping refugees

Source: Rotary Voices

Women helping women through Rotaract

By Immy Julie Nakyeyune Musoke, president of the Rotaract Club of Kampala South, Uganda

Rotaract Ladies At Work visit schools and orphanages to empower girls to grow into their full potential.

My father spoke often of Rotary when I was a teenager. But I never had much interest until after he died in June of 2011, just a few weeks before his scheduled installation as president of the Rotary Club of Mengo. The support and comfort we received from the family of Rotary was remarkable. I couldn’t help but wonder, who are these incredibly amazing people who loved my father this much?

Left: Immy Julie Nakyeyune Musoke

After months of mourning, I decided to do what my father loved to do best; passionately put service above self. In April 2013, I joined the Rotaract Club of Kampala South. Warm smiles and beautiful faces welcomed me into the Rotary family. I still recall it like it was yesterday.

My 2017 began with anticipation and anxiety as I prepared to take on the role of club president in July. Like any other leader, I set out with my board to create a plan and serve our community through different projects. We have done fairly well with community service, partnering with our twin club in Kenya to plant over 8,000 trees and serving our community. But what is most important is, have we become better people?

A particular emphasis of our club is professional development. In Uganda, 80 percent of the country’s unemployed are youth. A good number of youth fail to find jobs after university, resorting to small-scale entrepreneurship in order to meet day to day needs. Some of these are members of Rotaract. I believe every Rotaractor can benefit by using the platform to grow their business, bring ideas to fruition through networking, find business partners, and develop their professional and leadership skills.

It gives me joy to see Mark, a club member, use Rotaract to grow his photography business. It gives me great joy to see my club members who were once shy, but can now stand up straight, project their voices, and speak perfectly to big crowds.

My team and I also took on a number of projects and initiatives to empower women in our community. We created a Rotaract Ladies At Work initiative to create a culture where female Rotaractors can maximize their knowledge and abilities to the fullest and help other women who are less fortunate. Together with other female club presidents, we organized the first Rotaract Ladies At Work conference and visited different communities, empowering young women in crisis pregnancy centers, schools, and orphanages.

What truly makes Rotaract special is the ability to work together to serve the community. What better than to work together as women to help other women? I have indeed confirmed that when women work together towards a common goal, greatness can be achieved. I have gained contentment and fulfillment in working with women to help other women. And this is just the beginning!

Learn more about how you can get involved with Rotaract.

Source: Rotary Voices

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