Upcoming Events
The Brisbane Club
Apr 09, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Lunch Meeting
The Brisbane Club
Apr 16, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
District 9600 District Conference
Maroochy RSL Events Centre
Apr 20, 2018 6:00 PM –
Apr 22, 2018 12:00 PM
Lunch Meeting
The Brisbane Club, Level 4
Apr 23, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Testimonial Luncheon for James Delahunty
Victoria Park Golf Course
Apr 29, 2018
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Lunch Meeting
The Brisbane Club, Level 4
Apr 30, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Rotaract Rivercity Prof. Development Workshop
May 02, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Lunch Meeting with Police Commissioner Ian Stewart
United Services Club
May 14, 2018
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Rotary Club of Brisbane Golf Day
Virginia Golf Course
Jun 15, 2018
6:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Rotary International Convention 2018
Jun 23, 2018 – Jun 27, 2018
Club Changeover Meeting
Brisbane Club
Jun 25, 2018
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Burnett Cup - City vs Country in Mundubbera
Mundubbera Golf Club
Aug 18, 2018
12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Meeting Roster

9 April 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    P Gresham
Minutes                M Williams
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                           J Smerdon

16 April 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                   G Holtmann
Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                           J Smerdon

23 April 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    T Kung
Minutes                M Williams
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon

30 April 2018

President              D Vankov
Chair                    L Marshall
Minutes                C Shepherd
Front Desk           D Schellbach/
                         J Smerdon
Upcoming Speakers
May 14, 2018 12:45 PM
Security and the Commonwealth Games
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Reminder - General Meeting on Mon, 9th April 2018

Following is the text of meeting notification sent to all members on 21st March 2018
Hi Fellows,
At the Annual General Meeting in December we unfortunately did not have the Audited Reports available.  Accordingly we could not satisfy the Office of Fair Trade’s requirements with a copy of the Minute noting the approval of same.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN calling a GENERAL MEETING of the Rotary Club of Brisbane to be held at 1:00pm on Monday April 9, 2018 at Level 4, The Brisbane Club, 215 Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

1. Approval/Ratification of the 2016/17 Accounts for the Rotary Club of Brisbane.
2. Approval/Ratification of the 2016/17 Accounts for the Rotary Club of Brisbane Public Ancillary Fund (Foundation).
Attached are copies of the Audited Reports for your consideration.
(Members may access the documents here using their Clubrunner login.)
It is important for you to attend and we look forward to catching up with all and sundry.
Michael Stephens
Club Secretary
President's Message
member photo
Dear Fellow Rotarians & Friends of the Club
I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter and now, recharged, are ready to dive into action!
Just in case you missed it the Rotary Club of Brisbane has a new blog post on the Rotary International Blog site - We shall expect some dissemination of the achievements to take place as a result. For example I have already been approached by a District in Western Australia to make a webinar for their clubs.
You should also have noticed that Mark and Phil are performing an extraordinary amount of work in relation to our new website. Please, support them as much as you can! At least, please, complete your profiles. This is free publicity for you.
As previously communicated we are looking into a very active Rotary year end with not that many regular meetings but rather interesting events being offered.
The James Delahunty Testimonial Lunch is on sale at and members can read more on the event at as well as share the information on social media. Mark reports that now we can be well aware of what drives our public image through metrics being monitored on our new website.
The organisation of the Queensland Chief Police Commissioner visit, Ian Stewart, is also on its way. More information can be found at Denise is already collecting payments. Those shall be made directly into the Club bank account with a reference of your name and USC, e.g. "Daniel Vankov USC". The cost is $65 per person.
Our 2018 Charity Golf Day is on again. More information can be found at On the back of the form are the instruction on how to get involved with some suggestions on benefiting further than simply participating.
Looking into our 95th anniversary, I just completed the event application to Brisbane marketing. Jacqui Page will be coordinating the effort which proves to be a rather complex exercise from organisational point of view. The intent is for no additional costs to incur to members and we will be holding the event in place of the 28th of May regular meeting. Currently 12 noon to 2 p.m. are being considered as a timeframe. Here is what has already been done in relation to:

The Brisbane Lord Mayor getting involved

Denise is in contact with his office. We shall be hearing on his availability from her.

Salvation Army trailer official handover

Phil leads the communication. So far we have an approval of the trailer coming. We need to advice the Salvos on the hours of the event. We also need to know what they need for cooking. I am personally not aware of what can be cooked with the trailer.

Virtual reality driving simulator

I am working on this to be at no monetary cost for us but it gets massively expensive if I quantify my time in money. I will have QUT Ethics examine a project application on April 16th and I expect the whole procedure to be completed within a month after that date, i.e. on time for our event. I am currently working on the logistics.


We will also need to get appropriate insurance for the event through the District. I have the forms and the process but we still will have to go through it.
I look forward to seeing you on the 9th of April and to hear from Denise Schellbach as a "Member in the spot light".
President Daniel
President Daniel
Good and Bad Data
Growing Rotary knows no borders

By Tony Quinn, Rotary Coordinator 

Inauguration evening in Pentyrch, Wales, 6 February 2018.

Recently, I attended a memorable event, the inauguration of a 15-member satellite club, Garth, in South Wales District 1150. What is unique about this satellite is that it is being hosted by my own club of Chelwood Bridge, which is in District 1200. How is that so?

Last summer, one of our members invited three of his friends from Wales to our charity golf day. They were so taken with the fun and fellowship that day that they made inquiries about our club and Rotary and subsequently attended one of our meetings.

As a result, they were keen to establish a new club in their home location just north of Cardiff. Although Cardiff is some 50 miles from Chelwood Bridge, it is in fact two districts apart in Rotary terms. Nevertheless, we encouraged and facilitated the establishment of the satellite club through a number of visits as well as guidance by phone and email.

District governors from both districts attended the inauguration. Already the club has projects under way. We are talking with them to help them with a district grant.

We are confident that the satellite club will become a fully chartered Rotary club before very long at which point it will of course become a club in District 1150.

It just goes to show that there are opportunities to find new members virtually anywhere.

Source: Rotary Voices

Water is building friendships, changing lives in Sri Lanka

By Katie Conlon, PhD student at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon, USA

Villagers in Vanni Pallugollewa, Sri Lanka, welcome the visiting Rotary members.

Winding along the bumpy backroads of Sri Lanka and through intermittent rice fields and jungle, our group took hours of navigation skills to find the last village. But as we turned a corner, we got a first glimpse of the village’s welcoming committee, a 50-deep motorcycle “motorcade” assembled to escort us to the Nawa Teldeniya Water Project.

It was a very impressive entourage for the village to drum up. The bus and motorcycle cavalcade rode with us for the remaining kilometers to the village, and our procession grew as villagers came out of their homes and fields. By the time we reached the entrance of Nawa Teldeniya, the entire village had assembled.

The motorcade passed over the role of leading the procession to the village’s traditional Kandyan dance troupe. Rows of young children dressed in immaculate white temple attire gifted us with flowers and kowtows. The dancers wore colorful, traditional costumes adorned with silver chest pieces and headpieces that glistened in the sun as they whirled, drummed, and danced their way backwards into the heart of the village. This was a magnificent welcome for a newly formed friendship and international partnership involving a Rotary global grant project.

At Right: A dancer at the welcoming celebration.

The gift of clean water, a basic human right, sparked this joy and enthusiasm on the part of the villagers. For centuries, rice farming in the north central provinces of Sri Lanka has depended on man-made reservoirs that collect and store water during the rainy seasons. In recent decades, chronic kidney disease is linked to agricultural fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the reservoirs, irrigation canals, and ground water. This ground water in turn fills the community wells that supply drinking water. Hundreds die every year from this disease.

At Left: Visiting Rotarians, including District Governor Deb Cheney (far right), raise a toast to clean drinking water.

The pollution is irreversible. The only way to remove the dissolved heavy metal ions responsible for the disease is through the process of reverse osmosis. Through a global grant from The Rotary Foundation awarded to the Rotary Club of Colombo, Sri Lanka and eight Rotary clubs from District 6600 in Ohio, reverse-osmosis plants have been built and are now providing clean water in seven rice-farming Sri Lankan villages affected by chronic kidney disease. Each water plant serves 1,400 people. And there is sufficient funding to build five more such plants in the next several months; bringing the grant tally eventually to 13 centers.

Over the course of two weeks in January, the delegation of nine Rotarians from Ohio and eight from Colombo formed a core group, and numerous Colombo and North Central Province Rotarians joined for various stages of the water filtration center tour to see the fruition of the past year’s work and officially commemorate the completed centers.

Committed to the motto “service above self,” these Rotary clubs have partnered to address the crucial overlapping problems of access to clean drinking water and preventing chronic kidney disease, both of which create an unbearable situation for livelihoods and health in the north central province villages in Sri Lanka.

Back in the village, the revelry of the day continues, and smiles and warmth radiate from everyone present. After being entertained by dance and song, the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open the water filtration center begins. The commencement plaque reveals the names of the national and international Rotary groups who partnered for this project. Commemorative photos are snapped. The reverse osmosis machine is fired up and water is poured for a round of cheers. Nothing tastes sweeter than the first sip of clean water after decades of drinking polluted water. For Rotarians and villagers alike, this day of clean drinking water is a day that will not be forgotten.

For World Water Day 22 March, learn more about how Rotary is providing clean water and sanitation

About the author: Katie Conlon has a masters in International Peace Studies and is active in sustainability, social justice, and climate issues. She has first-hand experience in sustainability and climate issues in Bhutan, Vietnam, Trinidad, and Hawaii, and is presently studying in Sri Lanka while pursuing a PhD at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. She accompanied the visiting Rotarians on their visit to the water filtration centers.

Source: Rotary Voices

We are People of Action
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