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August 01, 2020
Fellow Rotarians and Friends of the Club, in dedication to our mission, we will continue to work on the agreed priority projects below. 
  • Peace Poles project for the R100 Rotary Down Under Centenary  (Matt Christopher)
  • Rotaryship Project (President Dan Adler)
  • Youth Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Project, in partnership with the European Union, QUT and international Rotary clubs (Daniel Vankov)
  • Melbourne Cup Trifecta fundraiser (Mark Williams)
  • Race Day Caloundra 2021 - Agenda set. Further disucssion at next meeting (Warren Walker)
  • Sergei Polunin Dance Consortium Proposal (Mark Williams, Beck Phillips and Joel Burke)
  • International Women’s Day Breakfast 2021 (call for volunteer).
  • Charity Ball (Gala Committee) - Proposal created with venue, date and charity. Waiting for Board approval. 
  • Red carpet event (Chi-Chi Cherry)
  • Dialysis machine for Mundubbera hospital (Mark Williams)
  • Signature project for the District 9600 through The rotary Foundation (Bruce McNaught, John Smerdon)
  • Mental Health project (John Smerdon)
  • Mental Health Youth Suicide prevention (Denise Schellbach)
  • Eddie's van (Denise Schellbach)
  • Charity ball for the R100 rotary Centenary celebrations
Look forward to working with all of you on moving these projects to completion. 

Introducing Grow 

GROW is a community-based organisation that helps Australians with their recovery from mental ill-health through a unique program of mutual support and personal development.
Our peer-to-peer Grow Program is based on a 12-step program of personal growth, mutual help, and support, and draws on many principles for mental, social, and spiritual health. At each meeting, members share about how they came to GROW and how they are exploring self-improvement strategies on their road to recovery. It’s not a straight road, and that’s where the support of other GROW members helps – everyone in the group has opportunities to share their experiences of coping with mental wellness.
Joining a Grow group is free and does not require a referral or a doctor’s diagnosis. Groups are confidential and members can choose to remain anonymous.
Other programs provided by GROW Australia include:
Growing Resilience
Growing Resilience is a one hour per week, 6-week video conference course that help individuals with their personal resilience, and has been designed in response to COVID-19.
Our eGrow Groups run the same as the Grow Program, with participants meeting online using Zoom.
Grow Residential Rehabilitation and Recovery Services (NSW/ACT)
Personalised support through holistic and stepped care approach towards treatment.
Get Growing Schools Program
10 week facilitated peer group program for early intervention and prevention of mental illness delivered in schools.
To find out more please go to, or call 1800 558 268.
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Jun 13, 2022
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Club Officers

President                       Dan Adler 
Secretary                       Mark Williams
Treasurer                       Warren Walker
Imm. Past President      Michael Stephens
President Elect              Mark Williams
Sergeant-at-arms           Phil Gresham
The Rotary Club of Brisbane Inc.
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District               9600
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Brisbane City Cluster Assistant Governor

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District Governor

Neil Black

Rotary International President

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