Red Frogs is a support network for young people, aiming to provide safety responses, referrals to professional services, education and alternative event programming. Each year 24 tonne of ‘Allen’s Red Frogs’ (provided by Nestle), are used as an ice breaker to connect Red Frog volunteers with 1.43 million people (predominately youth & young adults) in environments such as Schoolies, Universities, Festivals, Schools, Skate Parks and Sports Events.
The Rotary Club Of Brisbane became a major partner of the Red Frogs program in September 2017 with a commitment of $50,000 across two Rotary years.
After hearing from Andy Gourley (aka Boss Frog) at a Rotary meeting, RCoB it was a natural fit for both Rotary and Red Frogs to link arms and work together on this amazing cause. The Rotary Club Of Brisbane supports Red Frogs with vital resources in the Education, Schoolies and Universities programs including 160,000 ‘Red Frog Referral’ hotline cards and 71,000 ‘well being’ student wall planners. 
The hotline referral cards are handed out at the Red Frogs education programs and during schoolies week. The cards feature the Red Frog ‘hotline’ number which is a support number that young people can call during schoolies, as well as worried parents that might want some information about their loved ones and the services that Red Frogs offer. In 2017 Red Frogs spoke to 62,129 students in schools, and received 9,810 calls on the Red Frog hotline during the schoolies period.
The university wall planner is a practical tool that students can use throughout the academic year. It also features positive well being messages and important referral information for students to help them during what can be a stressful season of life.
Red Frogs "Boss Frog" Andy Gourley  (left) did us the honour of attending our changeover meeting on 25th June, 2018 at which the second year of partnership funding was delivered. Here he is pictured  (L-R) with incoming President Chris Muir , outgoing President Daniel Vankov and RCoB Trust Chair John Smerdon.
Thanks to Rotary Club of Brisbane Red Frogs are well positioned in 2017/2018 with these resources and together are changing youth culture.