Congratulations to all the students who are graduating from Primary School into High School, like my own son is. Congrats to all the parents for surviving this far! I’m discovering school students just seem to get more expensive the older they get. But hey, we love them and just want the best education and experience for our kids.
I was recently contacted by a parent who asked me what should they do with the old uniforms and school books? Is there a way we can give these to disadvantaged kids, perhaps to third world countries? I reached out to our Rotary International club members and discovered ‘Donations in Kind (DIK)’ George and Mary Grant have been collecting goods for the last 5 years, and sending all sorts of things like hospital equipment and supplies, school furniture, books and school uniforms in shipping containers to places like Nauru, Solomon Islands, PNG, and other islands in the Pacific.
So, YES – you can send your goods to George and Mary Grant, who will be on site at 23 Mary St Kingston near Logan, from 8am - 12pm every Thursday from 9th Jan forward in 2020, and they will collect, pack and ship your goods to kids in need. If you have any questions, please email me, President Elect, and together we’ll make a difference in the world. That’s the Rotary International reason for being. Merry Christmas