Following an exhausting series of market studies and focus groups, the board of the RCoB has spoken. Website and Bulletin sponsorship is go!
There are 6 sponsorship slots available, and the price is $100/half year for not-for-profit organisations or businesses associated with RCoB members and $200/half year for other commercial organisations. Funds raised through sponsorship will be put to defray administrative costs for the Rotary Club of Brisbane - in particular costs associated with running the website and the Clubrunner administrative applications.
So what do you have to do to take advantage of this wonderful offer? First, you need to send a 150x150 pixel logo along with a URL for the page you want to have opened when your sponsorship logo is clicked to Mark Williams. Don't worry if your logo is not exactly 150x150 pixels. Just try to make it as close to square as possible and we'll do the rest. Second, you need to cross Treasurer Warren's palm with silver. Or at least send him $100, $200, or $400 depending on what sponsorship package you are requestinng and for how long.
And what do you get? Your logo will be displayed in rotation (i.e. an image carousel) on the top right hand side of every page of the RCoB website. Also, one logo will be displayed each week in the RCoB bulletin. When the logos are clicked, viwerers will be taken to the website of your choice.