Sep 28, 2020 12:30 PM
Lachlan Furnell - CEO, Qld Cricketers' Club
Imagine being the leader of one of Queensland's oldest clubs, steeped in history, a location (The Gabba) that has had the glory days of cricket, and the Lions' three-peat flag winning era, and being responsible for giving the club a major image make over. Then the Lions AFL team lose their magic, then there's the ball tampering fiasco... things are not pretty at the GABBA. Then something changes for the better... recently we've had two of the best seasons of Cricket, Big Bash and AFL! Then the COVID-19 shut all AFL down - OMG what next?... ONLY TO OPEN BACK UP AGAIN TO HOST THE AFL GRAND FINAL?
Want to hear how the CEO of The Queensland Cricketers' Club navigated the treacherous waters to keep the doors open during these ups and downs, then up again? Then join us Monday 28 Sept at 12.30pm. Our President Dan Adler will be having a Q&A at our club, and you are invited to participate in the discussion. Please let us know if you'd like to hear Lachlan Furnell's first hand decisions, and actions he and his team made to overcome adversity, just like the sporting clubs on the field, to keep the club alive during COVID-19, then shift into overdrive to thrive. It is truly one of the most amazing turnarounds in 2020 that you have to hear first hand.
Hope to see you there!