An overview of being vegan in 2021
Feb 15, 2021 12:30 PM
An overview of being vegan in 2021

Leigh-Chantelle is passionate about cyberpsychology, digital wellbeing and digital communication, particularly mindful and conscious use of technology and forming digital boundaries. She graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons 1st Cl.) in December 2020 and is starting her Ph.D. in February 2021. 

She is a digital educator and aims to be a lecturer in cyberpsychology. Her background is as a speaker and consultant for online marketing, advertising, content creation and social media. Leigh-Chantelle is also a vegan veteran known for helping bring awareness of veganism to the mainstream and her organisational leadership skills.

There will be two short parts to this presentation:

Leigh-Chantelle will explain cyberpsychology, digital wellness and digital equilibrium, offering tips and tricks to thriving online in our always-on digital culture. She will also give an overview of being vegan in 2021 and how we can all lead by example to make more conscious and mindful choices in all areas of life.