The Rotary Club of Brisbane has a long-standing commitment to helping people from our near neighbour, Papua New Guinea and a case of immediate need has come to our attention, for which we are soliciting donations. All money donated is being matched by generous individual donors within the club. The Rotary club of Brisbane is taking this approach because, while the club itself is not able to support individuals from its own funds, it is able to coordinate individual donations to support a specific cause.

We are not able to name or give other details about our student here for very good reasons of privacy and personal safety, but the case is outlined below:

  • Our student is 19 years old, from a single-parent family of modest means in the remote provinces of Papua New Guinea.
  • Our student has an outstanding academic record.
  • Our student has a full scholarship to attend QUT and study Engineering and they and their family have raised the funds to travel to Australia.
  • Our student has completed one year of study remotely, but this is not able to continue into second year.
  • We have good reason to believe that our student is in immediate danger if they remain in PNG.
  • All seemed set up, but there is one more hurdle - COVID. The Queensland government will charge our student $3240 for 14 days of quarantine. This is money our student does not have.
As a result, our club is urgently seeking to raise $3240 so that our student can get on that plane and come to Australia to study engineering. The club, our student and our student's family would be most grateful if you could spare a few dollars to help this student. Please use the button below to donate. Donations are in $10 increments, and you can adjust your donation amount by changing the quantity.
Unfortunately, we are not legally able to offer a tax-deductible receipt for this donation.
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