Club Projects – Current & Projected 2017 – 2018


Major Project for 2017  – 2018

Red Frogs Australia

The Rotary Club of Brisbane is the newest major sponsor of Red Frogs Australia, committing $50,000 over two years. The Club willingly supports not only the safety of young people over the upcoming Schoolies/Leavers period but also the 24/7 hotline that takes approximately 10,000 calls each year. With that support it shall be much easier for the Red Frogs to:

– Speak to 62,000 17 year olds before they get to schoolies/leavers;

– Organise 1500 or so Red Frog volunteers to support the school-leavers through their week-long celebrations at Schoolies Week.

Salvation Army Emergency Services18669260

Funding for an equipped Emergency Catering Trailer. Costs for this range up to $30,000 per trailer. This is an equipment replacement program of previous trailers. On average the Salvation Army Emergency Services attend an emergency at least once every day of the year. more information

Smaller Projects 2016-2018

Kits 4 Kids Timor Awakening

The Rotary Club of Brisbane funded a shipment of 2,500 kits to kids in remote areas of Timor Leste in 2018. The Project has evolved through collaboration by the Rotary Club of Townsville and the Veterans Care Association based in Brisbane. Old Army buddies Bruce Scott from Rotary in Townsville and Gary Stone from Veterans Care Association agreed in late 2016 on the utilisation of participants in the Timor Awakening rehabilitation programme, to pack and deliver in person to each child, a small education kit comprised of an exercise book, a pencil, rubber, ruler and a Ziploc plastic bag to carry them in. The items for the kits are purchased in Dili by Rotary with funds raised in Australia.

QUT – Mentoring young professionals programme

Rotary Club of Brisbane members are mentoring young people with interests similar to their professional experience through the QUT Career Mentor Scheme.

Rotary Rural Endoscopy Training Initiative in Queensland

There is a considerable gap in the access to health care services for rural communities in Queensland. To address this, the Rotary Club Brisbane is considering seed funding for a project to close the gap by supporting training of rural health care staff (in particular nursing and allied health staff in the field of endoscopic services). This project will be a platform that allows rural and pa hospitalmetropolitan Rotary clubs to engage with their communities and demonstrate how the organisation can add value to their respective communities. In addition, metropolitan hospitals and rural health care providers and staff will be engaged. While the demand at this stage cannot be precisely quantified it appears feasible to offer training to 3 to 30 people per year if only Hospitals in the metropolitan region of Queensland are involved. However, there is the opportunity to scale it up further if other Rotary Clubs in other regions become involved. It is estimated that benefits (cash or non-cash of approx. $1,500-2,500) per trainee are required to facilitate the training. The 2016/2017 Rotary Club of Brisbane Golf Day was a major fund raising project for this. Rotary’s real part in this will be to get the word out through their local community, many patients put off testing because of the long distance travel to major centres. 

BestLife Foundation

BestLife  offers the highest quality away-from-home experiences for 6 to 19 year olds who live with disability. 

Before BestLife, kids were lonely and bored, families were exhausted and despondent. We’re making it possible for kids with disabilities to build a more independent future. With BestLife, they can make friends, build networks and become more independent, away from home.

It’s not babysitting or respite, but an opportunity to do what all kids deserve to do – grow towards independence.

 The high level of organisation and specialized care needed is essential, but expensive. BestLife was one of two charities chose for our Mentors for Charities Pilot Program in 2015-2017.  Click for details  The RCOB Program has helped BestLife obtain funding through strategy assistance and guidance. 

Aunties & Uncles aunties_uncles_qld

Aunties & Uncles  is a mentoring program for vulnerable and socially isolated children aged 1 – 11 years.

The mentor relationship (known as ‘links’ within A&U) offers each child time, attention, care, stability, guidance and exposure to new experiences and opportunities to empower them to reach their potential and establish their future.

Each ‘link’ lasts for a minimum of 12 months, with many relationships continuing well beyond this.

Our caring and non-judgemental Coordinators are social workers with extensive experience in child welfare and protection. They evaluate the needs of each family and thoroughly screen prospective volunteers. They then link children with a suitable volunteer ‘auntie’ and/or ‘uncle’. Aunties and uncles are over 18 years of age, from all walks of life, and have a friendly, caring nature and are able to provide a consistent and nurturing relationship for a child.

The volunteer aunties and uncles spend quality time with their ”linked” child being a positive influence and role model in their lives. Over time, a lasting friendship is developed. Many of the children have experienced a lot of change in their lives and so it is important that volunteers are able to commit to 2 days a month, for at least one year, to their niece or nephew.

Aunties & Uncles was one of two charities chose for our Mentors for Charities Pilot Program in 2015-2017.  Click for details  The RCOB Program is helping BestLife obtain funding through strategy assistance and help.

Eddie’s Van 
Contribution and staffing “Eddies” Food Van for homeless 2013-2018 during the Christmas school holidays.

Rotary Club of Brisbane – Mentors for Charities Programclick for details

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